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Welcome to the magazine;

Curated by DSC

Art Journal is a bi-weekly  to monthly publication focusing on exploring the culture of creative ideas. Developing DIY lean startup bootstrapping methodologies. Web design best practices and consulting. While exhibiting innovative essay critiques and cultural observations. Culled from the mind of a collective visual artist and entrepreneur of immersive ideas.

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Fan Page

Fan Page

For the creative smart masses we highly encourage you to follow us on our Fan Page. A living depository of weekly tidbits from Art Journal along with a growing population of innovative ideas. Concepts from our design incubator StartUp: ( CTTDC ) Our goals and culture emanate from a dedicated group of grassroots creatives working across  disciplinary fields.

{ Art | Design | Tech | Culture } Please join us.


Creative Think Tank DC

CTTDC is a visionary design agency incubator startup focusing on exploring the culture of creative ideas. Founded and created by DSC. A freelance web designer with a background in Fine Arts & Digital Media.

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  1. My sister sent me here and I’m pleased! I will definitely save it and come back!

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