Digital Memoir | Volume Three

The Third Particle:

Not Everything in Life Is Art

Digital Memoir is a series of short essays focusing on the process of art making, essay writing and visual mise-en-scene. Within a contemporary culture filled with Apollonian driven concepts, culled within a materialistic point of view. These articles can be seen as a form of communication tactics.

An ironic and abstract idea to have learned as  art school graduation day arrived ( Circa: 2002 ) was to think of myself as a Jack-Of-All-Trades, a modern day Generalist.  

I remember thinking;

“How am I going to make art”?

What challenges will the physical world present and how will I stay creative?

There is no impetus found within the history of art that demands anyone become an artist. To be such requires careful consideration, certainly while facing a sea of critical observers.

Perhaps those interested in creating provocations within an empty chalice could provide further instructions on the matter. Simply stated, I am who I am and that is the end of it. You have two basic options when dealing with my art, understand what I’m saying or get out of my way.

Making art today, presents a challenge. How it relates to the public is a major theme in my work, something I plan to explore. In the conversations  with an unknown artist about the nature of philosophy, the public becomes a major protagonist. Beyond art school, I’ve found work in several industries; graphic design, art handler for several Chelsea art galleries, mailroom clerk, hospitality work/tech concierge, entertainer of the masses, bank teller and I’ve even worked in technology at Apple retail stores for a short period of time.

While at Apple, the notion of being a cultivated technocratic genius entered my mind. Bridging a liberal arts education and technology was equal to acquiring a philosopher’s stone. I became a nucleolus of sort, attracting  all the fundamental particles. By definition, the process was not inherent to the art world. The use of technology allowed me to extend my creative experiments into a digital “mise en scene” whilst allocating revenue towards the realization of bigger goals for my Digital StartUP #CTTDC.

Nearly a decade after art school graduation, I had finally begun to realize how to structure my life beyond the disguised banalities of life into the role of an artist in society.


In 2007, the frustrations of personal economics and lack of financial support had finally come full circle. In the fall, I began learning web design & basic programing using PHP. A technical skill beyond art, it seemed incomprehensible at the time. Back in 2002, it was unknown territory.

Today it has become technically essential to maintain a role in technology while fulfilling a needed goal within the bubble reality that is happiness. This wonderful experience has allow me the  opportunity to Stay Focus & Keep Shipping creative ideas while adopting new tactics.

Contemporary Art Galleries

Gestural Portraiture 

These drawings are small in scale ( 8.5x12in ) executed on toned strathmore pastel color paper. Culled from imaginative experiences while engaged in crazed conversations in classes filled with philosophical undertones behind the nature of reality.

Among other topics discussed: ( Plato’sCave, Science fiction writing and the occult )

Expressionism At Small Scales 



Explorations On Paper & Post-It Notes


Next Steps

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