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King James & The Others

King James & The Others

{ The NBA Finals 2015 }


ArticleArtDesign-1The game of basketball contains three fundamental principles. Rhythm, Intelligence and having a super star athlete such as Lebron James. These elementary concepts when combined with a great back court, lead to championships. However, tilt the balance between not having two of your all star players due to unforeseen injuries. With an inconsistent bench and you get lack luster results. Combined with a rookie “rough around the edges” head coach, even King James cannot perform magic. As I cheered for the Cavs during the playoffs, I knew  when Irvin injured his knee they had little chance to go all the way. It speaks mountains the impact Lebron James has on the game as a gigantic super star and team  leader with an enormous  basketball IQ.

I consider King James to be the best passer in the game today since Magic Johnson. His footprint on the game  is capable of moving tectonic plates while his strength, leadership and  basketball
prowess  is second to none. Yet, his performance in coaching players while dictating the tempo of the game is beyond anything I have ever seen in over 20years of watching NBA players at their best.
I believe Lebron left Cleveland in the first place because he honestly could not have won a  championship with the team assemble for him to coach. Certainly the original Cleveland team  was good  enough for the finals and continuously made it into the playoffs each year. In was in Miami, where the  basketball sonata was first realized when all the pieces fit together like a hidden gem. This time around, with Irvin and Love on his wing it all seemed aligned specially after the trade dead line during the regular season.

Back in Cleveland as the Playoffs began, Lebron once again demonstrated why he is the best player in the world. Exhibiting historic record braking stats surpassing in several taxonomies those of Jordan, Bird, Magic, West and even the Black Mamba himself, Sir Kobe. Watching king James championship run on tv was a majestic feast only second to watching a pretty girl feet on the subway.
While there where visible grunts between Lebron and heat coach Blatt, in terms of which plays to execute during key points of the game cannot be ignore. One example was a critical game against Chicago during the second round where King James rightfully changed the play called in the huddle. While the sports media focused was centered around the notion of should Lebron have the ability to call his own plays instead of why is James and his coach not seeing eye to eye, it seems.
Stats For Lebron During The 2014-15 Season

Stats For Lebron During The 2014-15 Season

King James stats during the 2014-15 Postseason required a second look in able to  understand this remarkable achievement. Averaging 30.1 PPG ( points per game ) 11.3 RPG ( rebounds per game) 8.5 APG ( assist per game) and 42.2 MPG ( minutes per game ) there is no confusion as to why he is the unnamed MVP of the finals this year. Including averaging a record braking sets of triple doubles was simply amazing to see.


ArticleArtDesign-2The RoadMap Ahead

The Cleveland front office has to make sure they sign everyone back in able for King James to acquired at least four more rings. A reconciliation between the super star and  head coach must be arranged. As I believe David Blatt has potential to lead the team. With Love and Irvin back in the line up for the 2015-16 season, the goal of the team mush be focused on winning. Leadership as Coach Blatt learns to trust his surroundings and most importantly, King James is a primary focus. Then, the others will fit right into the ecosystem they where meant to act upon.

That is JR, Shumpert and Deli will be able to perform at their best while the stars rest coming off the bench. A powerful second team lead by Irvin ( allowing James to rest ) will produced results & championship rings. Jerry West mentioned a few years ago during an ESPN interview, his thoughts on Lebron, then only a third year NBA player.

“ Look, I was the guy responsible for bringing Kobe to the Lakers. I think Lebron has the potential to  be better than Kobe and Magic.”

—Jerry West,

West speaks of the one element James has over both Kobe and Magic. His strength is gigantic, colossal in a football type body but with the ability to fitness his moves into tactical shoots. Clearly the one stat Lebron  needs to improve over the summer is his 3PM average. With the Warriors proving a team in this modern NBA can actually win a championship behind the three point line, is a remarkable accomplishment. Lebron must work on this aspect of the game as his ability to drive the paint and create his own shoot  has now been mastered.

I expect he will work on shooting better 3P this summer as the greats always do.

“EJ, you can tell Sir Charles he was wrong on this one, the Warriors won it behind the 3P line.

Would someone please show Barkley the analytics.”

–Under Dog, Get On It!! 

I have been saying all regular season the Warriors will have to prove it to me in the post season. Steve Kerr championship experience in conjunction with the splash brothers, Andre Igudala proved to be a winning combination. That a team can win a championship by utilizing the 3PL as a major offensive weapon has been historic. Curry might be the best shooter we have ever seen play the game. They will win more rings, am sure of it.

The Cavs along with head coach David Blatt must find a way to maintain a big defensive role moving forward. With bigs along the baseline, would allow for Lebron to develop a 3P shoot knowing Thomson, Verajao  and Mosgov will clean up the boards in the paint. While a healthy Irvin should be able to handle Curry at the point position, while Love hangs in the corner for an clear 3P shoot opportunity. Perhaps the #ClevVSWarriors matchup has potential for a rivalry as those of NBA’s past.


#LakersVsCeltics  #BullsVsPistons  #KnicksVsPacers  #SpursVsHeat

In round two I believe the Cavs if healthy next year can win several back-to-back championships. King James will not be denied as  his Cavs possess the potential to maintain a groovy rhythm and basketball IQ to continue to dominate in the East every year. Coach Blatt has perform thus far as a rookie head coach with a grade of b- IMHO.

Clearly there is always room for improvement as he is still rough around the edges, with potential to win.
James must make sure the Cavs front office complies in assuring all free agents come back next year. With KLove among others testing the waters of free money, the Cleveland brass must match any offer.

With news of KLove and Thomsom coming back next year, the Cavs are have won  the “Free Agent Fever” this Summer. As the Cleveland front office can now focus their attention on JR and possibly Shumpert for a complete bench/back court domination. The Spurs, Warriors, Haws and the Bulls have all made interesting and tactical acquisitions with legitimate championship choices.  With a healthy team next season, rings should only be a matter of time.


The next road map for the team is to win, stay healthy and elaborate on fostering rhythm.
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