Web Design Workflows | Part 3

Developing DSC79



” You Have To Know What You Want

Before You Can Build It”

–Scott Jensen

With the launch of DSC79 as a leading resource on all things web design, I wanted to highlight a few guiding principles for the project.  As I began preparing to gather the assets for the project, I quickly realized what the calls to action needed to be:

  • Full stack web developer using HTML5/CSS3/ Javascript/PHP/JQuery/mySQL

  • High level proficiency using front end frameworks: Bootstrap, Node.JS & WordPress

  • WordPress core developer implementing custom CMS projects

  • Version control mastery using Git/Github for contributing code within a team environment

  • Adobe CC designer implementing web graphics, iconography and responsive web design

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, InDesign & Dreamweaver user experience designer

These benchmarks for the site needed to correspond and reflect today’s fast paced technology ecosystem while showcasing my skills as a web designer. Illustrating my professional development as a creative designer.


Hello Word

I am an experienced web designer with skills in full stack development & UX software design. I have worked on implementing fully functional design prototypes into responsive web sites with a corresponding back end dashboard. Including developing custom CMS projects using WordPress to fit specific client side specifications. As a web designer/full stack developer with over 10 years of design experience I have participated in several re-design legacy code base projects while implementing semantic HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap ready sites and web apps using version control to track code changes within a team environment.

As a user experience web designer, I have worked on several dashboard solutions  including developing custom CMS, branding and responsive design iconography. I am able to adapt to any team environment and quickly get up to speed. Whether as a web designer/ full stack developer or project lead. My hybrid skills in today’s fast pace tech ecosystem is a valuable asset I bring to any company’s culture. While adapting to changes in technology and always eager to learn new skills to fit a changing landscape are core values I am passionate and care about.

My skills as a full stack web developer working with WordPress range between creating fully customizable backend dashboards to developing core plugins. I have been developing with WordPress, PHP, MySQL, HTML & CSS for over a decade. Working within the data analytics education space, I created and maintained over 100 WP related projects. Ranging between design, development, Q/A and server side scaling within a multisite network environment. While designing clear and responsive user experiences for non technical users which allowed team members the ability to use each content management system with ease and fluidity.

Next Steps

Visit DSC79 Today

Visit DSC79 Today

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