The NBA Season 2015-16

A Pithy Recap

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ArticleArtDesign-2The NBA 2015-16 season is underway, with NBA tv’s lengthly coverage of real world training camp. The Bulls appear to begin with yet another injury to their star player, Rose. Who on opening day with the media mentioned his eager arrival of free agency money next year. Lets hope for the sake of Rose’s kid, he is able to get there without hurting himself again in the process. The Bulls, is the only team who can really challenge the Cavs in the Post Season, with a healthy Rose on the team.

King James began training camp with a focus determination to lead, coach and implement a championship run. Let’s face it, with Lebron now being +30, he really needs to focus now on getting at least 3more rings. The roadmap for Cavs fans is to allow them to build a rhythm during Nov, Dec into the All Star Brake. Then, with everyone back on full track: KLove, Shumpert, Irvin they will be competitive towards championship N3 for Lebron.

The key challenge for those teams with Championship aspirations is who can stay healthy  the most into the Post Season?

It appears Tristan Thomson has declined a one year $6.8 million deal to remain a restrictive free agent. This feels more of a power move on behalf of Thomson who must be reasonable with the deal at hand. While the backup power forward who is an elite rebounder who knows his role within Cavs ecosystem. Thomson must understand simple math, as his numbers last year where impressive but not enough for max cap, IMHO.   While his decision  to “pull out” is only hurting the team, Thomson representatives believe the backup power forward deserves a maximum contract. Should the Cavs win a ring with him playing a vital role in the post season, the Cavs must consider a max deal for him. For now, he has the best offer on the table from any team in the league. The Lakers could come in?




ArticleArtDesign-1The teams along the Easter axis appear to be on the rise. Yet, other than Chi & Cle, there is very little competitive grunts there. “There is no there, there” in the East. The NBA should look into making these teams a bit more competitive with some sort of incentive policy. IMHO. The Pelicans have dumped a bucket full of $$$ in the laps of youngster Anthony Davis. Unless upper MGMT can build a team around Davis who can help him score, lead and rebound, there will be little results in New Orleans.

The Western conference axis has always been the most impressive, since the Post-Michael Jordan era of Eastern conference dominance. Koby, Shaq, Duncan, Parker, Nowwitzki have dominated the past decade. King James has been to the finals six straight times. He has only been able to collect two rings in the process, thus proving  Western dominance over the East.

The teams which excite me the most this upcoming season are OKC, SAN, CLE, LAL, LAC and Golden State of course. Can the splash brothers stay hungry with a focused will under the guidance of Steve Kerr who is returning from back injury?  The Spurs appear as the clear winners this Summer with the acquisition of Lamacres Auldrige. Head coach “Pop” appear to be in high spirits with the media upon the arrival of Auldrige to the Spurs training camp session. The head coach who is know to be sassy and moody with the media almost appear to be having a “wet dream” in from of the cameras when asked about the all start coming to San Antonio. The Spurs will be difficult to beat with the current roster they have assemble, once again. Head coach “pop” might be an SOB with the media, but he triggers results.

OKC, is perhaps the most exiting team this season with KD and Westbrook playing together. KD who has a unique playing style, second to none is back on the run this season.


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Next Steps

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