The Paralysis Of Hope

We Where Like Theo & Van Gogh

Year End Sale,

Twenty Fifteen was a volatile year fill with existential moments in time. The emotional cocoon of loosing my best friend to Cancer toppled with  an array of complicated social  interactions have been daunting on the mind. When confronted with the 4th dimension we create our own little stories as a coping mechanism. Past, present & future seem to coalesce inside a particle accelerator, when every atom inside me feels restless. Life presents new challenges to continue moving up the mental labyrinth I call “everest”. When pictures are worth a trillion words, the following imagery is a  candid combination between reality culled from visual poetry. While the “interpretation police” is hard at work intercepting, collaborating, investigating what does not exist using a “metaphoric” gag order, we observe. An object that actually exists from the time it came into existence until it ceases to exist has a duration, the fourth dimension. I am a blogger who is deeply interested in talking about art, design, technology and culture as fundamental particles of creation. I am driven by being passionate about personal growth while creativity is baked in my DNA using an array of tools at my disposal. In an effort to communicate consistent ideas using visual language. Mammals are under the impression learning stops when we graduate from university which is a highly mistaken assumption.

When I ponder about the power of language as a kind of acoustical wave pattern from prehistoric era up to modernity. The mind transforms our vocal tone we call speech into a form of biological algorithm. The mind is a kind of temporal processor as it where, thus language is also evolving within us. Cultural experience plays a viral role as subjective interpretation via our senses dominates our  retinal loads into pragmatic objects in space. Forming a picture of the world in three dimensions while the interpretation machine between the eye and our brain does the processing  behind behavioral assimilation.

While I seat in this space, they observe. I learn something new.

–Who Wins This Battle? Hum!



Distant memories

As we traveled to go see a visual artist colony in VA with Syl ( my best friend)  a few years ago. The recollection  of memories between time & space is difficult to bear considering the impact of her loss. I am specially thankful to those of you (dear friends & family members )who have and continue to provide comfort during such a difficult time in my life. When discussing her death with a dear friend in Washington DC a few months ago, the word “anger” in terms of how I felt about her battle with cancer does need further inquiry. He battle win Cancer was a five year struggle to see as I felt completely hopeless with no end in sight. One feels no different than a crime victim, Cancer being the aggressor which cannot be controlled in some instances.  Developed countries should focus on cure research more than the current  chemo treatment options including preventive care. These treatments should be free of charge, specially when children are affected. We spend billions on arms, missiles, police tactical gears & weapons of mass destruction with no end in sight. As a culture we focus our efforts on managing the disease because it benefits “Big Farma” instead of finding a real cure. Let us not be controlled in 2016 by opportunity politics vs trying to find real solutions to issues pertaining to health. IMHO, big government has fallen short from  protecting us from gun violence, harmful foods, global warming terrorism, Monsanto, Big Farma & Cancer.


In Twenty Sixteen, creative personal projects will dominate my existence. My focus in areas pertaining to content strategy, web development will be a major benchmark. Moreover as I focus on building a brand around four key components pertaining to Art, Design, Tech & Culture.

  • Social Zines
  • Art Journal
  • The Beta Issue
  • Apex76
  • Sylvia O: Memorial Project
  • DSC79
  • LIM





She came to me in the form of a Summer breeze. Building a meaningful kinship is no easy task as the space between us now is stranger than fiction.

“Of course it’t not fair that you are going through this.  But you do not seem to understand that I do not have time to do work, spend time with my fam and spend time with you. I’ve been very overwhelmed and frankly you put too much pressure on me and also cause me to stress about this. I told you before I needed a break, but these emails you send always linger in my thoughts. It’s best that we don’t keep hurting each other.”

I tend to be an overwhelming person with child like personality which can be confused with other things. I waned to absorbed her struggles, to make them my own while we cultivated each other. Holistically speaking I felt in love with her as a child yearns for the world when it comes out of the whom. There is no eloquent way to asks why “fools fall in love” other than we are all fools, right! The fourth dimension distills itself into meaning as the echo of her presence is all I have left. The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is a film that captures our story in one infinite loop. Amazon has a wonderful sub-tile English version for those of you interested in a great film where the space between time & space is major antagonist in the story line. In the end I will be where I’ve always been, a whisper in her heart. The paradox with us is a challenge as complex to explaining E=MC2 to a “Trump” supporter. When my actions such as trying to organize a date night weeks in advance is meet with an assault on love, one has trouble letting go. What she does not understand is that I have to make her understand who I am.


Climate Change in 2015

Indeed the  global temperature has been higher than normal during this time of year. Yet, the media machine focuses on “weather enjoyment” vs writing investigative stories with scientific data showing the effects of climate change on the population.  A few weeks ago leaders from 196 countries approved the first global agreement to limit greenhouse-gas emissions in human history. The pact is a triumph of international diplomacy shared by diplomats across the planet. It also represents the culmination of a patient strategy by the Obama administration that unfolded over years, and which even many sympathetic journalists long dismissed as fanciful. Obama’s climate agenda has lurked quietly on the recesses of the American imagination for most of his presidency. It is also probably the administration’s most important accomplishment. Critics of the deal argued the bill provides little regulatory oversight/enforcement on countries failing to uphold the immersion cap outlined by law makers.

John Broder from NY Times informs the following:

“Last year the Environmental Protection Agency proposed limiting carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants, effectively foreclosing construction of any new coal-burning facilities. But just last month the E.P.A. withdrew the proposed rule, saying it needed to respond to public and industry concerns.

It is unlikely the administration would take on the far more controversial and costly project of curbing greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants until the new plant rule is completed, or at least much further along than it is now. This week, Gina McCarthy, who is awaiting confirmation as the new E.P.A. administrator, told Senate Republicans in a written submission that the agency “is not currently developing any existing source G.H.G. regulations.” G.H.G. is shorthand for greenhouse gas.”


The birth of my first nephew this year was a monumental moment in my life. We waited impatiently for his delivery as children wait for Papa Noel to arrive. His birth represents a new kind of meaning to say nothing of the strength my sister  displayed during the delivery process. I told my best friend Sylvia when I saw him for the first time, “Its terrifying and astonishing all at once”.

I want my nephew to grow up with a curious sensibility about the environment around him. To look at the universe around  with honest eyes between understanding what the world is doing while having the courage to be a leader. We tell our children these kinds of stories but fall short in actually providing the infrastructure for them to do so. I want him to live in a society where understanding the importance behind global collaboration, amongst the species is vital.


Every generation has a set of moral ideals which are important to a specific epoch. The World We Made is a book by Jonathon Poritt describing an alternative solution in areas pertaining to ecology, climate change, mental health, & alternative energy.

“Our planet’s future is too often described in terms of doom and despair. However, there is another perspective that is not only positive, but credible, too.

The World We Made describes a planet that is green, fair, connected, and collaborative. Based on extensive research, leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt reveals how we can achieve a genuinely sustainable world by 2050 if we act immediately. Part history, part narrative, The World We Made describes the key events, technological breakthroughs, and lifestyle revolutions that could transform our planet, covering topics as wide-ranging as 3D printing, personal genomics, urban agriculture, and the digital landscape. The book’s innovative ideas are brought to life with futuristic photographs, infographics, and hand-drawn sketches, while an extensive index provides the tools and tips needed to prepare for what’s ahead.

The World We Made is essential reading for anyone interested in preserving our planet. All royalties will support the work of Forum for the Future, one of the world’s leading sustainable development non-profits.”


Next Steps




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