Post Winter Review

The Week Ahead

Thoughts on me,

The creative process can be seen as a convoluted mental ecosystem filled with endless resources. There is no real quantitate process mandating time and location for inspiration to occur. Rather I would describe the creative process  as a  magnetic field within a subsystem of possibilities. Creatively speaking I’ve spend the past year  between professional engagements as a WordPress developer while focusing on product marketing design. The Winter is a difficult time for me due to my pre existing Asthma condition which does not allow me  the leisure to travel long distances without having to need an inhaler.

Personally speaking I have been finding time during off work hours to develop my own  non-profit NGO ideas in areas pertaining to art, design, tech & culture.



Working on personal projects allows me the opportunity to spend 5% of my time engaged in things I deeply care about. While the rest of my time frame is spend focusing on WP development, re-branding & design marketing the start up culture in areas pertaining to product development initiatives. In today’s tech bubble ecosystem it’s critical to have a creative on your team who understands how to bring together white boards concepts into fully functional web products. Thinking about innovation beyond coding, design and technical requirement standards is an essential aspect of any start up culture as I begin my own journey with Social Zines.


Developer’s Bio

I am an experienced full stack web developer & creative with skills in project mgmt. for Start Ups with a focus on B to C markets. A running theme spanning across an entire lexicon of ideas  is to find oneself at the crossroads between technology and liberal arts. Using these tech tools to build apps & digital services that reflect an array of passions, observational hypothesis, artistic values and beliefs is one major role moving forward in 2016. Social Zines will attempt to combine my love in print publishing with a series of taxonomies beyond art, design, tech & culture. The end result as I move slowly once pixel per second is to build a programmatic marketing CMS for SZ whilst developing two important benchmarks.

As Yodi’s foster father once told her in the film “Contact” whilst she rushed the astronomer when asking the meaning of the universe.

“Small Moves”


The Creative Selfie "Fine Art Form"

The Creative Selfie “Fine Art Form”

  • A modern web app to host the interactive portion of the application framework: ( Curators ) ( Patrons ) ( Subscribers )
  • While levering capital in various areas in able to build the right team for scaling the product further

Too often we see start ups with a fantastic product pipeline but with little vision towards understanding how to scale. Transparency, honesty and collaboration from within is a critical benchmark to meet during the start up brainstorming process. I will make sure to invest in areas located toward short & long distance metric goals with a focus on inclusion, delivery & feedback loops.

I have seen products with little UI appeal  pass  mustard when scaling beyond 100X metrics.  A start up must design a clear call to action presentation strategy ensuring there is a focused visual identity across its applications UX patterns. Code iteration on top of design which feels dislocated and often times confusing is the last call to action your users should ever have to deal with regardless of demographics.  When I raise 5M towards SZ I will do better in areas pertaining to hiring teams with  visually creative mindset first & development efforts second. Bringing together designers, engineers & programatic marketers to create a radical new product in digital publishing.

“You Have To Know What You Want Before

You Can Built It”

–Scott Jensen


Collaboration in our modern workflow should be ubiquitous, reliable and adaptable to certain conditions. We can automate meetings in full HD video with sophisticated video capabilities for teams working remotely with real time feedback. Slack, HipChat & Sococo are build around the concept of allowing the remote web worker the ability to participate with greater impact at times.

Don’t Work In The Past Friends,

Deciding which messaging platform is best for your start up needs requires understanding how your company or NGO is structure.

Next Steps

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