The Post Season

The NBA Finals 2016 


The NBA post season is rapidly approaching on April 16th, 2016 as the NCAA  “phone gag” tournament has come to a woeful end. Allowing for a hopeful return of Ernie, Shaq, Kenny AKA: Lord Pretty Flacko and BBQ chicken “sir Charles” are returning for playoffs expectations, dialog and critique. I wanted to get ahead of the pack by injecting my personal predictions from  an NBA fan with over two decades of eyeball play. Before the #Warriors began their monumental winning streak another start began to fade in honor. To say nothing of the of the volatility behind the 2o15-16 season which has raised enormous expectations for the sport both home and abroad.

  • The Kobe Retirement/Farewell tour
  • The #Warriors Monumental Run
  • The Quiet Texans #Spurs
  • Can King James Win For The Land?  
  • Westbrook Tripple Double Composer 

The Golden State Warriors will most likely surpass MJ 90’s bulls ( 1995-96 ) 72W season in one monumental loop. The Warriors currently hold a strong 69W 9L record which is nothing short of masterful. In the East I will look for the Celtics to become the post season “wild card” team coming into fruition under coach Brad Stevens  ingenious  system. The Cavs are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference finals with #King James  possibly making his 6th NBA finals appearance.  The goal for the #Cavs is to maintain a clear focus going into the playoffs while maintaining a healthy rhythm, good ball movement whilst maintain a  consistent defensive stance.

Specially in the #3rd quarter


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Golden State monumental power play season for instance has captured our imaginations like a raging  warrior in the Roman colosseum. With a possible back to back MVP (Most Valuable Player) title for Mr.Curry they are the most impressive and collective group at the top of the Western conference food chain. Radically changing the way teams defend  behind the 3P line as they are ahead of the curve coming into the post season. Furthermore as the #Warriors are a deep running team with a vast bench including the best 3P shooting combo we have ever seen in the Splash Brothers duo between Curry and Thomson. The key for the Warriors is to transfer the success of the regular season into a winning stance in the post season. We will see it tonight vs the Spurs on TNT.

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The Spurs are a mean, lean and clean group with a winning championship record under Pop’s system. The Texans currently hold a ( 65W 12L) record at home that is second to none in the entire NBA league. While the Warriors have the Splash Brothers 3P shooting abilities, the Spurs defensive giants in Leonard and Aldridge form a firewall in the paint. The Spurs and Warriors are on a collision course for dominance in the Western conference finals this season.

“The Best Offense Is a Good Defense”

Mean while Westbrook has been focusing on a triple double record with over 17 thus far in the regular season. Regardless of other teams wining record it must be noted with equal prowess by the NBA media. The media  will often paint  themselves as a “conduit between the fan and the player”  leaving little implication for lack luster real reporting from the locker room into the fan’s living room.

Post Season Predictions 

The Cavs are the team to beat in the Eastern conference as they are championship ready, able and willing. Lebron is still the most versatile and intelligent basketball player on planet earth. The Celtics, Heat and Raptors will present challenges for the Cavs in the post season as they prepare for either the Warriors or Spurs.

Lebron still has: 

” The Eye Of The Tiger”

The goal for the Cavs this season is to win one for the land with #King James acting as both mentor and player coach on the basketball court and inside the locker room as well. The question is whether NBA fans will see a repeat of last year finals ( Cavs vs Warriors ) or will the Spurs defensive tactics surpass the splash brothers shooting abilities behind the 3P line.

May the best team win whilst my heart will be rooting for Cleveland.


Win For The land #king James. 


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