Famous Last Words


When my father, a Sterling city CEO  Armenian  lawyer for over 45 years died in 1969 he left behind a sterling reputation of kids who had been blacklisted with no end in sight. Their crime was the simple act of being creative inside a bubble environment of restless idiots. When I opened the large, black safe in his Mitt-Town office I discovered only a list containing names along with a slew of women underwear rapped inside a seal plastic bag. Scrawled on the blacklist paperwork I discovered were the words of a poem written using coded language describing his crimes against the innocent.

“Green be the turf above thee,

Friend of my better days!

None knew thee but to love thee,

None knew thee but to praise”

–Fitz-Greene Halleck

For many years I carried Halleck’s tribute to his friend in my wallet. Later on I discovered the poem was a cryptic message meant to hide his crimes against humanity. Hitherto I had never judge my father to be involved in blacklisting people whom he considered inferior with little ability to defend themselves in the process.

“Be careful what you say

and who you say it to.”

–Unknown Whistle Blower

Next Steps

The following story line will contain names, addresses and emails of those behind the blacklist. In one infinite hyperbole fiction loop.

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