State Of The Think Tank-Art Muse

Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted,

nor to find talk and discourse. Just to weight and consider.

Title: Entertain Us--Medium: Color Photography on archival paper--By DSC 2015

Title: Entertain Us–Medium: Color Photography on archival paper–By DSC 2015

Art Journal began as a simple proposition between a creative professional  and a collective desire to tell stories. I told the young the woman on the phone the fact I find myself at the intersection between technology and liberal arts. A place that holds a special candor as I continue a day job as a freelance WP developer, actively looking for my own little corner within the front end stack ecosystem. The soft launch behind All Things Web Design AKA: a personal two year endeavor documenting my existing web projects as a full stack  CMS web developer have begun with a clear focus. DSC79 is my personal online portfolio encompassing creative ideas relating to software development and design. Moving forward the project will contain a bi-weekly podcasting series aimed at teaching non technical users how to get started with DIY design and development. The target audience will be young millennials  to working creative professionals  in need of a web presence to non-profit NGO’s looking for technical web work assistance.


Full Stack Dev Projects

 These stories have captivated our readers in more actionable ways  one dares to say hitherto, abandoning an “illustrative” career  within  the hospitality marketplace. I began to immerse myself  learning the business of becoming a freelance WP developer. Nearly 8 years in I have finally began to sail clear after landing four incredible full time opportunities as a web developer, focusing on CMS development, design and product management. These days culture is a vital component to overall company identity, brand and call to action B to C strategy one is incline to say a few things.

When hiring a web designer who is also a WordPress developer with a set of specific tasks and responsibilities, it is wise not to change the workload mid way in the process.  As I am passionate about building agile web applications for non technical users using WP. Thus to say, ” we are looking for a designer who is closer to the code” is actually coded language for avoiding being sued for wrongful termination. Specially when a responsible CTO with a proven track record behind running a business should know better. When offer letters are created as part of the overall hiring strategy with specific tasks, goals and call to action for the incoming developer. The realities on the ground began to appear different than what the offer letter postulated. Unless there is some sort of background strategy aimed at causing ripples of disruption using “gag order” investigation tactics without a clear evidence protocol in place? hum,


Changing Of The Guards

Changing Of The Guards

The NBA 2015-16 Season

Gonzo Sports


The Brain In A Vat

The Brain In A Vat

The Brain In A Vat

Contemporary Ideas In Philosophy

With culture in mind I have presented a clear enthusiasm for creative technology management, with a focus on WordPress development. When the young recruiter asked me to evaluate my own compliment using a third person tone of voice, I jumped with eager prose at the opportunity to “act” once again.

“my young and dear millennial, I would say

I have been told of the grandiose admiration

behind my own aesthetics pertaining to UI-UX

software application CMS design”

The road map is to continue with a daily development cycle encompassing art, design, technology and culture as fundamental building blocks of communication. The current climate between freelancing and searching for full time engagement is challenging to the mind, yet rewarding to the soul. Ideally I am pursuing companies with an excellent  development culture built in where I can showcase my creative talents on day one. As a cultural brand ambassador on all things tech it is vital to find a community where personal projects are encourage as part of a daily workflow strategy. Coupled with a transparent environment where the creative is allow the opportunity to be inspired in its own space while contributing in one infinite loop.


Title: City Jobs--Medium: Color Photography on archival paper--By DSC 2015

Title: City Jobs–Medium: Color Photography on archival paper–By DSC 2015

Foundations Of Web Design

Next Steps

Freelancer Loop

  • WordPress Full Stack Developer
  • Front End UI-UX Designer
  • CMS Application Design
  • HTMl5/CSS3/PHP MySQL Expert
  • Angular.js Developer
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