The Post Season-NBA Playoffs

Thus Far,


The admired NBA playoffs have begun into the second round of the tournament with two notable wins for #TheWarriors & the quiet Texans, AKA: #TheSpurs. Demonstrating once again the utter dominance behind western conference NBA teams. One of the worst performances by OKC in the history on the playoffs, the Spurs appeared to have eliminated Westbrook ability to score over the defense controlled by K-Leonard. Loosing to the Spurs on Saturday night 92OKC-124Spurs in what can only be described by “Brother Mike” bombastic tone of candor with regards to OKC chances to win a title this year.

“Ain’t no championships coming to OKC.”

–Thanks Brotha! Mike,

There is a clear correlation between KD and his home town, now that his old coach will lead the W-Bullets next season. While KD embraces free agency in the near future there is a possibility he might end up elsewhere, according to mental sources.




Thoughts On The NBA Finals

While brother “Mike’s” barbershop candor, prose and  bombastic vocal tone of expressions might not equal that of “Sir Charles” BBQ chicken broadcasting etiquette on TNT sports. (Just kidding Charles, am a huge fan, actually).  Hopefully game two will provide a more competitive stance and display of basket “balls” from KD and triple double composer Westbrook. Am guessing Russell will not be performing his usual “Dance USA” routine for the Spurs during the pre game show on game two?


The quiet Texans are headed for a collision course versus the cool breeze bay area Warriors in the Western conference NBA finals.


The finals in the West could be an epic encounter between Pop’s masterful system up against the defending champs Warriors. The Spurs system as I understand it from the personal observations of  HS basketball coaches, basketball geeks and barbershop fellas contains four fundamental principles:

Popovich does four things extremely well.

  1. Develop his players.
  2. Choose the best strategies for his players.
  3. Choose the best tactics for the situation.
  4. Get his players to execute his strategy and tactics.

I believe the monumental win by the Spurs on game one of the playoffs is a clear demonstration behind Pop’s winning system seen in true form, with Leonard and Aldrige at the top of the competitive food chain. Furthermore it would be a fantastic feast to see Pop’s basketball tactics in action versus the hybrid tactical speed of the Warriors play. The student vs the master story line will be one of much interest as the finals arrive as a marketing buzz word for the internal “running heads”.

During Popovich’s tenure, the Spurs have been unmatched in their ability to develop their players. The team has won five championships without any major free agent signings or lottery draft picks since they took Tim Duncan first overall in 1997. Their  basketball talent is almost entirely homegrown with the exception of acquiring Aldrige last season from the Blazzers.


Gonzo Sports

Gonzo Sports

Gonzo Sports 

Moving on to the heart land where the girls are  always sweet and the apple pie is tightly baked, the Cavs must put on a show tonight.

The Cavs are the clear favorite to win it all in the East with the leadership of “King James” who is arguably the best player in the game today. To win for his home land will become one of the greatest accomplishments Lebron could ever do for the game of basketball, his teammates and the fans. The remarkable signs of a true superhero in LBJ. One of the most versatile, smart & explosive guards in the game, third behind  MJ and Kobe in the pantheon of greatest basketball gods that ever played the game. The Cavs appear to have found a groove with the big three running the pack whilst they prepare for a possible finals in the east vs The Heat. Clearly an early prediction as  Lebron must get ready for the Hawks now, yet a matchup vs The Heat  in the finals would be a feast to see while eating BBQ chicken breast, parked in front of the “Teli”. I believe The Heat is perhaps the only team that can truly defend and possibly push the Cavs to the maximum before moving on to the finals. As a fan of the sport, I will be cheering for the Cavs.


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