E-Painting by DSC (2015) Digital C Print 18x25in MonoPrintSeries50

E-Painting by DSC (2015) Digital C Print 18x25in MonoPrintSeries50

For Anonymous Content,

The conversational malware began when Rudy’s gentle smile intercepted her desire to  secretly procreate. The CTO is a boring lack “duster” labrador who is at least 10+ years behind the tech stack. Not to mention a product that is fill with endless bugs and server side code deficiencies it would take eons to repair this gaping hole. The robot began to feel a sense of discomfort when he overheard a conversation between Ms.Foxx and the gentle jewish mom.

“This is crazy, is he just going to just seat there and do nothing”

Let him be.

Within the pantheon of emotional stances between “the gag order” police state and the bottom less percent the story is simple. Introduce enough level of artificial scenarios via forth dimensional tactics to cause fear, isolation and the illusion of space. Whilst using sound waves to penetrate a suspicious radar aimed to cause paranoid ripples of perception during chatter Wifi noise. The secret society that governs all things “illusion” are busy re-creating the next election upgrade cycle, whilst the social ecosystem bubble creates the remaining bits. Understanding the human experience as a form of computer system ruled by  part-time hacktivist engineers  with a wilding sense of morality is hard to come by on tv these days. The show confronts the modern context using a masterful cinematic story direction toppled with an edgy, dark and often surreal character formations.  Nevertheless Mr.Robot is a well crafted show from the USA Network that promises to encounter an array of controversial topics using technology as a fundamental character. The viewer does not have to be well verse in technology information systems to appreciate the crafty dialog behind the show masterful writing. Rather there is a wild simulation pattern within the story allowing the viewer the ability to imagine something else within the illusion:

“When I first saw her standing there, waiting for me

looking at her Android phone, untra hip black pants, leather jacket

whilst the wind struck her hair. I said to myself.

This  Rose is just for me”


Curiosity as a means of deception is a smart weapon of survival for a generation who feels the system is not working as it should. Certainly optimism needs to be elevated within the upcoming malware election cycle using “hope is the new gold” as a  tag line.  While the digital space is ubiquitous, logical and adjustable using the power of open software. The end result will be one that is generous to the corporate elites as  “legal” corruption has become the running theme under our new mutant  political population.

“Everybody has been hacked, according to Mr.Robot” 

There are men holding PHD degrees who belief the world is a simple hologram with a running algorithmic simulation software system. A sort of ant’s colony metaphor would simply fill the gap between illusion and reality for the slow reader. Mr.Robot’s take on the subject comes from the understanding behind classical mechanics, contemporary philosophy and computer software AI techniques. Findings within the sub-atomic world have reveal experiments pointing to the possibility objects appear to be in more than one space in time. Furthermore, reality for the atom is one constant empty space amongst the halo structure of a  cosmic bubble filled inside a multilayer ecosystem. When we change the way we look at things, the things we observe often change. When the process of observing a sub-atomic object changes the location of the space around it almost breaking our sense of perception, I prefer to evoke the power of science for assistance while continuing to watch Mr.Robot.

The ideas postulated in the story points to illusions, love deception, distractions and ego driven characters who are often at odds with themselves. Indeed, the story of technological “zombie” capitalism is here to stay.


“Watch the little balls of matter in full hard action for a single unified proof there is a possible simulation pattern”

Next Steps


“Philosophy. The theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires,etc.; egoistic self-absorption”

What is a Hacker


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