Final 4

” I had a nice room at the Rock, Ernies”

–BBQ Chicken

ArticleArtDesign-1With the NBA finals underway on #TNT Sports I wanted to spill my predictions in what promises to be a competitive contest. In the West the #OKC Thunder truly are “Amy’s” favorite team as she enjoys the back-door loop, often. The #Warriors are defending the right to advance to the  NBA finals for a second time up against KD and Westbrook. Certainly the Warriors are a collective basketball team with a single focus, to advance and win a  second back to back title. With the Thunder monumental win over the Spurs they are a brand new team as both KD and Westbrook are playing great ball these days. The tempo for game one will indicate the longevity of the series, especially the reaction of the loosing team in game two, the more desperate team will win the series. I will predict OKC in 7 games as we are beginning to see the combined greatness behind OKC dynamic duo ( KD and Westbrook), if they can play as a collective unit without controversies in the locker room . Otherwise the Warriors will advance to the finals against the favorite Cavs.

With regards to Steven Adams comments  describing his own teammates as “quick little monkeys” during a post game  interview last night. Mr. Adams, a New Zealand native via British upbringing may not be racist.   While the country of New Zealand is no stranger to racially motivated historical tendencies in decades past. Adams should clearly understand the difference between how to behave in private settings vs being interviewed on television.  Perhaps Mr.Adams should educate himself on sensitivity racist tendencies with regards to his own feelings in relation to his teammates, specially during the playoffs. I believe the NBA media is giving Adams a free pass regarding his comments.


  •  What role will the others play as the series roles in?
  • Is Steph Curry the next MJ?
  • Can the King win for the Land?  

There are some within the NBA sports media who think and say LB-James is not best player in the NBA currently. Hitherto the king has been to five NBA finals, possibly making a sixth appearance in this post season. Racking up four MVP’s, two back-to-back championships including his leadership to trust the others in one fundamental basketball IQ performance. Yes folks, LBJ is still the best player in the NBA.

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Should the Cavs advance once again versus the Warriors or OKC, it will be a fantastic tactical feast to witness. The Cavs have finally found their  basketball rhythm under “Big Lue” new system of passing, shooting behind the 3pt line and collectively defending. I predict the Cavs will win against the the pompous “we the North” ad rhetoric in five games or less.

“Just to be able to get out there and play against, I feel like he’s the best

player in the world, it’s a great opportunity.”

–DeMarre Carroll

Raptors Forward

“in my heart, I feel like Lebron is the best player in the NBA right now….

There’s nothing but respect in our locker room and our organization for

Lebron James”

Dwayne Casey

Raptors Head Coach


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