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The gonzo sport series from #Art Journal is a candid anecdotal analysis of the NBA playoffs, leading towards the final 7 games of the contest. In the finals the Cav’s will battle for a second time against the cool breeze Warriors. There is a looming story line being organized to showcase the series as an epic battle between two notable basketball gladiators. Yes indeed! the eye of the tiger this post season can be translated as a strategy dance where King James and Steph Curry will wrestle each other’s balls in search of another title.

One tends to think of the matchup using three notable benchmarks culled from  NBA history, anime and cinematic mise-en-scene. The former is to think of of Lebron’s Cavs as Magic’s 1980s  showtime Lakers in terms of style, stance and leadership. While the “cool breeze” Warriors style of play represents Bird’s Celtics team behind the 3pt line with a strong defensive presence in the paint. There can only be one highlander this post season as well as one true champion in either Rocky Balboa ( LBJ ) or Apollo Creed ( Curry ). While Lebron is playing to maintain his bravado as the best player in the game, the young Curry is aiming to steel the spotlight debate for good.


Changing Of The Guards

Changing Of The Guards

BasketBall Diaries 

 Eye Of The Tiger, 

Lebron James is considered to be the best player in basketball for several notable reasons. LBJ is making his 6th NBA finals appearance with two back-to-back titles under him. The king 6-2 record with regards to championships attempts is masterful along the pantheon of basketball greats. Including  4 MVP’s and overall impact to change the basketball landscape as an innovator of the sport is second to none. Certainly we are beginning to see a matchup between two incredible teams which promises to be a fantastic post season rivalry in the making. As those between Magic and Bird used to be back in the 80’s. The Cav’s are handling the ball with energy, leadership, tactical precision under “Big Lue”  Yedi system. As the Cavs prepare for perhaps the greatest challenge they have ever faced, it’s important for the team to stay focus on the ultimate goal.


While the others for the Cavs will have to represent a much larger framework this time around should they be able to get pass the champs. Coach Lue will have to create a tactical blue print against the Warriors built around the art of  deception and defensive unpredictability. Utilizing Tristan Thomson, Mozgov and Frye as bigs in able to aid the dribble penetration for the Cav’s in the perimeter. Thomson is averaging a woeful 8.4RPG during the post season. Furthermore both Thomson and Mozgov who is also averaging below expectations in the rebound field must raise their game during the series. According to an ESPN poll conducted days before the series began, the Warriors win the series by 75% vs 25% for the Cavaliers!. In able for LBJ to win for the land we will have to see the team match  the Warriors level to super “Saiyan level 5” if they hope to beat the cool breeze young studs.

The transformation the Cav’s must undertake will be a central component to the overall wining strategy vs the Warriors. The big three must shoot from the perimeter with tactical precision while matching the Warriors at every possession. K Love and Irvin must play as a collective unit in the offense while the Cavs find a way to maintain the ball movement active. JR  Smith will be a vital component in the system as they need to keep him shooting well behind the 3pt line in a consistent manner.  Often the best possible defense is one between assimilation and simplification of the basketball in one monumental loop. The Warriors are great at moving the ball side to side in an effort to frustrate their opponents, forcing you to defend beyond the 3pt line. The splash brothers are a pair of monumental shooters we have never seen in basketball along with a supporting cast of bigs, making it difficult to penetrate. Thus the Cavs must find a way to mimic those wining parts the opposition does well and duplicated the strategy in their favor. OKC was able to disrupt their style of play by driving to the basket before the defense has had time to set while eliminating the Warriors monumental runs.



The Post Season 2016

How should the Cav’s prepare for the Warriors:

LBJ is the champ of the people, a basketball goliath  who is ready to win for the land along with a collective group  of players under his leadership. On the other hand the Warriors possess the power to completely negate the Cavs the opportunity to win a title this year. Golden State defeated a strong OKC team by making a historical come back after trailing 3-1. During the past two post seasons we are witnessing the rise of a legendary “animated” super star in Steph Curry, second to Clay Thomson behind the 3pt line. The NBA media is at odds end in the best player taxonomy with a 50% negotiation toss up between the King and the new kid on the block, AKA: “Stephfortless”  The 2016 NBA finals between the “the cool breeze” warriors and my “homeland” Cavs will determine who the best player in the world truly is this NBA post season. Whether  Lebron is still on top or is he quietly conceding  the throne to the Warriors, after the long run which began when he was a 19 is yet to be determine.



Final Four 

To win for the land will mean the Cavs will have to match the 3pt intensity of the Warriors while defending deep in the paint. Who will step in for the Cavs to aid Thomson in rebounds? Tristan must play like a rebound “gladiator” possess by  the ghost of Denis Rodman in able to win a title vs the Warriors. I hate to sound like a “ranging monkey”, ( no offensive Steven Adams!!) but Mozgov must have a larger impact in his RPG stats in able for the Cavs to win the rebound strategy game. Simply averaging 1.6RPG per game with his length and athleticism will not cut it in Cleveland.

The OKC series is a notable  first place to begin  for the Cavs as the coaching staff mounts a winning roadmap ahead of game one tomorrow. When the Cavs are moving the ball from side to side whilst  running bigs across the Warriors pick and roll offense, the win every-time. We know the Cavs can also shoot behind the 3pt line with a high level of sophistication when they choose to turn up the dial. A winning “Yoda” Yedi master style strategy must be tactically implemented under “big lue”  basketball system vs the Warriors.

Side Line Note to Self,

  • Who is the mysterious “sexy blonde” sitting behind the Warriors bench? Well as Mr.Green would say: “The Warriors are young, hung and full of therapudic basket balls!” 

Next Steps


I predict the Cavs in 7  truly amazing competitive games with epic back and forth matchup’s along the way. In the end, I hope to see my Cavs finally win a title under the leadership of LBJ, the others under coach Lue system and proving once and for all Lebron still has plenty of gas in the tank.



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