The Finals


When training camp began for the Cleveland cavaliers back in the Fall of 2015, the team did not appear to have all its championships eggs in one basket. With Kyrie Irvin coming back from knee surgery and K Love from a serious shoulder injury, training camp into the regular season was an uphill battle. Whilst the growing tensions between head coach David Blatt and Lebron James where quietly reported amongst credible sports blogs online. The Cavs with the leadership of “King James” began the regular season quickly rising to the top of the conference ranking in the East.( 30W-11L )  mid way in the season. There was an executive decision by Cavs GM David Griffin to remove Blatt from the role of head coach in place of Tyronn Lue, AKA: “Big  Lue”. There after the relationship between head coach Lue and Lebron began to grow towards mutual respect and admiration as the Cavs completed the regular season with the best record in the Eastern conference.

The strategy post Blatt for the Cavs relied on the words of David Griffin with the tactical leadership behind  first time NBA head coach Tyronn Lue. Relying  behind the mastery of LBJ as the best player in basketball with the collective leadership between  K-Love and Irving. The era of the big three in Cleveland has finally arrived.

“What I see is that we need to build a collective spirit, a strength of spirit, a collective will,” Griffin said. “

Elite teams always have that, and you see it everywhere. To be truly elite, we have to buy into a set of values and principles that we believe in. That becomes our identity.”

LBJ, AKA: Lebron James,  “King James” has been the subject of controversial web meames. Fans in Cleveland burned his jersey when he opted to leave the Cavs for the Heat a few years ago winning  two back-to-back titles there.  In sharp contrast the Warriors began their season with a monumental winning streak into the regular season ( 73W-9L). These subjective polarizing  story lines began to shift apart between Steph who was the unanimous MVP  of the regular season and LBJ who dominated the post season with bravado began to clash in the polls for best overall player. As a matter of fact the NBA astrological stars where aligned as we began to see the splash brothers dominate behind the 3pt line. While the looming promise by the “homeland” king  to win a title for the land was a clear focus  for Lebron since returning back to Cleveland.



Final Two


Nevertheless there where some within the  NBA media elites who clearly favored  the Warriors Steph Curry as the best player in town. Once again the colloquial conversation  altar piece between the two aristocrats  and yours truly ensued the barber shop floor. The hair cutting salon was located next to a kinki porn shop with happy ending “delights”  , a Korean nails shop and a Kennedy fried chicken joint with the all essential  liquor store nearby. As we continued to debate the situation I quickly began to realize there was a clear divide of  subjective interpretation.  There are some individuals with little understanding behind how to differentiate between individual performance on the basketball floor and personal player activities, which can be separated into un-equal parts.

“Conversational interruption is seen as prudish behavior “


The NBA regular season noise was dominated between the Warriors monumental 73W season and the retirement of  the “black mamba“.



Thoughts On Kobe

As the NBA regular  season woefully came to a glorious finally, LBJ kept on reminding us of two notable benchmarks during the  media “availability days” broadcasted on NBA tv.

  • Resting your Cavs during the regular season in able to avoid a series  post season burn as experienced by the Warriors during the finals.
  • There is a difference between  randomly playing teams in the regular season and how we  play in the post season.

The Finals

The matchup story line between “the cool breeze” #Warriors  VS the “home land” #Cavs promises to become a rivalry in the NBA second to that of the Lakers and Celtics during the mid 1980’s.

To say nothing of the monumental rivalry between Magic’s  “showtime Lakers” 5 title run during the 1980’s. Versus Bird’s fast paced 3Pt shooting style and defensive bigs 3 title run, is short of mastery. In the Twenty First Century NBA season broadcasted on ABC by “Mr.Kink” himself Mal Albert, fans witnessed our generation version of Magic Vs Bird in LBJ Vs Curry.  

The Cavs entered the contest after comfortably winning in five games against We The North, AKA: The Raptors. Different from the Warriors close encounter with OKC leading to a final  7 game rally. We where all waiting to see the matchup between the leading back-to-back MVP in Steph Curry who is perhaps the best 3Pt shooter the game has ever seen, go up against LBJ. The Warriors home court advantage over the entire series assured a game 7 if necessary  would take place in Oracle arena. Hitherto the Cavs had a record of loosing 6 straight games in the finals to the Warriors while the expectation to perform for K-Love and Irving along with LBJ was beginning to mount high. During the first two games, the cool breeze Warriors dominated the ball tempo at every level in the court. Moving the ball side to side while the bigs defended in the post is a tactical tool implemented by Kerr’s  championship system.  Along with a supporting cast in Klay Thomson, Draymond Green and Igoudala who is James main defender  mounted a series assault on the Cavs offense. Completely frustrating the Cavs defensively and offensively, the Warriors mounted a tactical two blow punch early in the series ( 2-0 ). While the Cavs appeared to  be disconnected, out of place and completely not in synch during the first two games in the Finals. I knew once they returned  back home for games 3 and 4, coach Lue would quickly draw in a “divide and conquer” plan to even the balls, once and for all. The game of basketball is about finding the right momentum to take the best possible shoot based on what the defense is presenting at any frame in the social game.



Basketball Diaries


During games 3, 5 and six of the finals  Lebron James mounted the greatest single comeback in NBA history. Leading among all players in Pts, Reb, Ast, Stl and Blk, the King is the 1st player with 2 straight 41-pt games in NBA Finals since Shaq’s 2000 magical performance alongside “Sir Kobe”. While scoring or assisting on 35 Cavs points during 36-point stretch in game 6. Lebron demonstrated he still has the eye of the tiger, taking on the regular season MVP in the post season with class and gusto. The era of the big three for the Cavs is finally beginning to simmer while the Warriors are regrouping  the small ball strategy for bigs domination next season. With two monumental back-to back 41Pt performances by LBJ, a combined effort between Love and Irvin 60Pt+ bravado the Cavs even the series at 3 games total. ( 3-3). The conversation altar piece as ejaculated by the NBA media regarding the rise of the young in the Warriors away from Lebron as the best player since Magic & MJ was evidently clear to see. Negating the promise that Lebron can still dominate at a high level shifted towards Cleveland this post season as the analytic machine for LBJ are comparatively unique in NBA history . The Cavs Vs Warriors is a monumental matchup for several notable reasons. There seems to be a genuine rivalry between these two basketball clubs ranging between style, class and overall ball strategy that is uniquely different. The odd “tweets” by Ayesha Curry during the eve of game 6 was an “eloquent” drop in the bucket. The Cavs won  game 6  in short order 101W-115C with Steph fouling out of the game two minutes before the 4th quarter ended. Throwing his mouthpiece in anger hitting a fan in the process was a climatic event in the Finals as the media reported the Curry family had “issues” getting in to Quicken loans arena at the outset of game 6.



The Warriors dominated the regular season by showcasing a new style in basketball dominating behind the 3Pt line in a radical new way. I believe the team is still young, hung and full of balls with a desire to win more titles to come, yes!…. folks. Some will argue the referees fouling out Steph during game 6 was a determining factor in detouring the outcome of the contest in favor of the Cavs. Or perhaps the suspension of Draymond Green AKA: “Ball Sack Lover” in game 5 was due to LBJ’s “Lobby to review the tape” are among the excuses presented. Yes Ms. Ayesha, the ratings this post season where beyond astronomical indeed. Due to the fact LBJ and your hot stud husband are the best players in basketball with a desire to win big for their respective fans. Amongst the mouth piece outburst controversy by the league’s MVP AKA: “Young Curry”, Draymond’s low blow tactics and internet trolls in favor of the Warriors “hipster” antics. The Cavs entered the game 7 colosseum arena with a healthy big 3 front court and a cast of fantastic role players lead by the King. To say nothing short of “fantastic!” momentum played by the others: Deli, J.R, Shumpert and Channing Frye amongst the Cavs ensemble as orchestrated by James and Coach Lue.





Game 7 Is About “Magic”

The Cleveland Cavaliers win big when they penetrate the ball using Lebron as a primary defender and K-Love is well positioned in the paint. With Warrior’s center Andrew Bogut out with a knee injury in game 7 the wheels of destiny shifted toward the Cavs favor. One notable difference on the other side was the obvious  discomfort displayed by Andre Igoudala who is James main defender. The Warriors physical therapist Chelsea Lane Aka: “Sweet hands Chelsea” on Reddit even worked on Andre’s delicate “hard rock” back overnight, according to mental sources. The tempo of the game was evenly dynamic across the floor with pound for pound equally “tight” plays both in tempo, prose and level of  ref calls made on the floor. In hopes that the MVP of the regular season “young curry” would get off to a 3Pt run alongside his sidekick Clay Thomson, they attempted to shoot the basket in a close game against the Cavs. Championship teams of the past possess one fundamental lineage in building a strong 2nd unit back court. The Cavs others in game 7 exhibited a feast of PCT of FG made between 3-PT Fg and 2-PT Fg field goal percentages:

  • J.R. Smith 88% ( 3-PT Fg ) 12% ( 2-PT Fg )
  • Channing Frye 63% ( 3-PT Fg ) 37% ( 2-PT Fg )
  • Iman Shumpert 53% ( 3-PT Fg ) 47% ( 2-PT Fg )
  • Kevin Love 52% ( 3-PT Fg ) 48% ( 2-PT Fg )

JR Smith and Iman Shumpert where acquired in exile from the Knicks in a monumental trade a few seasons ago. With LBJ leadership skills ahead of the pack turning JR and Shumpert into championship chips in the process is one monumental hallmark “Melo” could not achieved for them as as NY Knick.



The NBA Regular Season 2015-16

The Golden State Warriors entered the final contest with the expectation to win a back-to back titles with the leading unanimous MVP, “young curry”  along the way. A rivalry in my humble opinion is one where two gladiators are evenly matched with distinct levels of differences. When the dust settled during the 1980’s NBA magical showtime run between Magic and Bird. The Lakers accomplished to grab 5 titles while The Celtics competed for 3 rings. Nevertheless as the final twelve minutes of the 4th quarter arrived like a ranging bull, all eyes feasted on Irvin’s ability to take on “kobe” like shoots for his team down the stretch.

“Kyrie Irving hits the three to give the Cavs the lead as the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in game seven to win the 2016 NBA Finals”

Lebron James is the prophetic son of Cleveland Ohio. Deciding to come back to the Cavs in search of a title in over 52 years since Jim Brown is a challenge no hater could truly understand. The King won  for the land during a remarkable display of talent in game 7 of the NBA finals. While the “hater elites” will pass on parables and contradictions on social media painting the Cavs win as a conspiracy ruled by conservatives at the top. In reality game 7 was won at the expense of hard work, ball tactics and a series of well calculated moves by Lebron and company. We are all with her in the end because she is a true grit for our time, the ultimate she-male Warrior.


Next Steps

With great ball power comes the greatest responsibility to cultivate your skills over the Summer. Coach Kerr is a student in the MJ system of improving over the off-season while preparing to blow hard again. Early reports indicate the Warriors will abandon the small ball strategy in favor of “bigs domination” in the paint with more 3PT display. The “Splash Brothers” in Clay and Steph along side Green, Bogut and Varejao will mount a formidable comeback next season. Provided the Cavs find a way to remain hungry for more titles there is always room for improvement.

Lebron’s game is nearly flawless with a high level IQ on the court comparatively equal that of Magic, MJ and Kobe. However there is one area where the Warriors have been dominating all teams in the association and that’s behind 3Pt line, of course. I believe LBJ should come back next season with a strong call to action to shoot the ball comparatively well from beyond the arc. Increasing his 3Pt attempts in an effort to stay current by adding new skills to his already vast toolkit. The bond between the “big three” and coach Lue must continue to grow exponentially while Irvin continues to display his talent this Summer for the USA basketball team. K-Love should continue to work on improving his 3Pt game in conjunction with his post tactics in the paint. While there is no guaranteed the Cavs will repeat again next season it was a great feast to finally see the King win for his land.


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