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The art of conversational mise-en-scene was famously ejaculated by the acting party behind the biggest blacklist show in the modern universe. These subjects where chosen, created, manipulated, jerked and pretended to feed artificially “working” scenarios in an effort to see the “subjects” reaction. As we traveled vast distances across the know universe, blending cultural artifacts with alien DNA the following story lines are commonly know as lower level intelligence gathering report on the lower end species. Disguised as a giant  redneck “cock!” wildly swigging  it’s head  across the heavens, those “Mofos” are strange with their “bloody votes“. According to the intelligent cock “Cumming” observing report on “FunBerg” television these two mammals are neck to neck along the slippery stripers poll of decision making. With this tidbit in mind we are able to travel along the multiverse  11 strings using tech of another kind. No  scientific detector can yet confirm nor denied the existence of a multiverse within the realm of  particle physics.

"The Traveling Cosmic Salesman"

“The Traveling Cosmic Salesman”

She said to me,

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change… might appear to be a poster rendition for “Mrs. Thing” clever yet apparently woeful tactics to get you to gently lick my “tasty  jersey rug” Mr.GustoX.”

Ms. Coogers was a fiery busty “cougar”  gal with an admiration for gentle hard on bunnies in between her legs, together with the occasional need to jerk the service staff as part of our complimentary  “ken-doll”  back door services. Indeed the hospitality is always fantastic at “Water Lofts“. Where the Managing PM will literally bend over and take it in the ass for your lovely dissatisfaction.

Your Welcome,

The pussy alert was on patrol, according to mental sources as these fiery neighborhood  cats where at it again last night. As seen on tape, sniffing the proverbial ethos from the air with every alienable permutation in search for  the perfect “shampoo”. Hitherto I had been observing two lovely gentle shaved pussies from across the pond with little hair on-top to chew on. Realizing my daily report to “NeO” is due across longitudinal galaxies traveling in data packets spread into microscopic particles of matter using nano tech, again I think of “zoeys’s  juicy cunt” from past encounters along these multiple cosmic travel ports. These mental synapses occur while traveling via the multiverse faster than the speed of light, wanting me to finger her anus just to check for a compatible DNA link is a common portal of communication between realities within our cosmic system. It seems the smell of a wonderful well kept pussy is a marvelous  secret to reveal from the tales of a cosmic traveling “salesman” within the multiverse. For a sneak peek at the tech we use to travel,  go see K-Pax. 


I said to him,

Cheers, I expect to get “boooded” but I want to try the comedy stand up filter. I have been writing a book and would like to read some chapters to get some feedback from a live audience, as a way to “beta test” my jokes and routines. It would be dope if you could come with for the open stand up sessions @Comedy’ central mind. His replied filled my expectations while gently lifting me to hard on intellectual status begging for a challenging conversation from a fellow creative mammal. Yes indeed, intellectuals yearn for engaging conversations using tongue and cheek metaphors all the bloody time. 

“Yeah Man, I’m there”.

Cheers, and when we get together I shall fill you in on my book. It’s called _________ ( Redacted for now) , as in the physics concept of the multiverse. SciFi fiction of course and I have compiled a bunch of sex scenes due to audiences react for them”.

Next Steps



Weekly Rant over from Mr.Robot,  AKA: “The Unreliable Narrator” returning to air on next week. No one with any good importance was “mentally” hacked  within “the dark matrix” of emotions this week. The Robot is prepping for a Gonzo Story line involving two giant herds. On the right, a ferocious xenophobic use car salesman of a  little Cav running to win the vote of the stupid kind. While a gentle breeze from “Arkens Gold”, a she-male Cav will woefully fill our bellies with fast food sugar fluff for 8 more years.  Somehow, the need for hard on junk food politics assimilation  tactics has never felt so real, good and tastefully wet all the same time. 

“Food For Thought”


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