Mr.GustoX-Part Two

Interactions: “Chat Allegro”

“Chat Allegro is a southern belt Mindsey Grams  mammalian  conservative fellow with a desire to preach endless fairy tales, whilst maintaining secret firewalls of  telegraphic deception amongst the heard . Mr.Allegro kindly informs of the situation at hand while braking into song,  in some sort of strange Neanderthal ritual candid spirit” Although this may be true, I needed to ask the alien to clarify  his statements  in able to give ample time between brain synapses and  conversational echo chambers, deep inside the bubble head. Instead, we no longer conversed within the nocturnal Nihilistic noir inside Korova’s pub, surrounded by Blacklisted wolves. The conversation mouth piece between two ferns took us along gentrified white walls, at the corner of happiness and “Cuba-libre” drinks. In addition to our  morning ritual feast of Hemingway’s morning egg Benedict on a shiny silver plate  . Our table was divided into polar southern hemispheres where the conversation drifted around science and the multiverse, southern kink combined with a fierce moral for elementary cultural particles of matter. A.K.A: Diana Lin’s digital “Blaturbator” Bot and Mara Verse sensual messaging  system.

 Why get so close to your  simulation AI subjects GustoX? how do you operate between the Multiverse?


From everything we can observe, and from all the theoretical hints the Universe gives us about its organic and expansive topology, shape, curvature and origin. We fully expect that there is more Universe out there than your early  scientific detectors can see. Identical in properties to what we  can observe, beyond what your species is able to see beyond your galactic vantage point today, Dude-Box. 

This paradox is only due to the fact that the Universe has been around for a finite amount of time that we can only observe a specific part of it. This is the most simple definition of Multiverse space travel that we have been able to engineer.”

In the Boothe’s System?

Yes, the idea that there is simply more, unobservable Universe containing similar worlds out there beyond what we can see is a high probability given the current observational patterns in your Milky Way galactic system. 


Furthermore, evidence for the Universe either being significantly curved or for seeing repeat patterns in, for instance, the Cosmic Microwave Background. The lack of evidence for this is a strong indication that there’s a lot more Universe out there beyond our own bubble, deep outside the conciseness of mind duality. Containing planetary systems where evolutionary psychology has evolved consistently. Type 1 to 11 civilizations, respectively. In fact, the extraordinary lack of curvature indicates that there’s at least hundreds of times as much Universe as we can see out there beyond what’s observable to you. The unobservable dark web, presumably originated from the same cosmic event, the Big Bang in those billions of years ago. From Inflation to present day. 

On Boothe‘s the Big Bang is  also called, A Big load!”




Part One

To your first query point, Chat is a believer in first century  cultural dogma, in the Twenty First Century. Our ancestors have been traveling back and forth between  earth’s galactic time shifts, at the outset of the Precambrian period. Progress, individualism toppled with secular rational morality is common wisdom back in Boothe. It seems the creation of cerebral personalities among polar opposites,  within each simulation AI crop accepted is an environmental  advantage in evolutionary conditioning. A real matrix of sensations for most species here on earth with the upright 1% mammal at the top of the food chain.” 

Allow me to fill in the gaps Dude-Box, between your species basic knowledge of the cosmos and our extensive cosmic library


Two hours prior to Mr.GustoX

Meeting with the ACLU,


Back_story (in beta)

The  Federal tactical operational and observational regiment task-force , orchestrated by Blacklisted agents was woefully clear. That is, to intercept  physical love relationships for the soul purpose to see my public reaction. These man are utilizing the transient transportation system to alert  hateful chatter from hospitality 1% sources. The narrator’s cultural paranoia was grounded in reality while understanding how to decrypt the gigantic two way act. Equally important was the orchestrated reality chamber where commodity actors where placed to construct false scenarios of cultural perception.

While this  gaping story hole is  grounded in yet another form of hackable malware logic, I began to understand the dramatic firewall presented to me. Later on we will discuss the Blacklisted agents in relation to Sir.Nut Binela, Lintozzi’s connection to the VP and JYB Corp A.KA:  “The Prudish Bastard”. In the middle of the meeting with the ACLU, with no early warning Mara messages me via Kiko.

She Said To Me,

You did. But our schedules are so different it’s hard. I never expected anything from you but I guess you expected more of me. At the end of the day “camming” is my job an how I make my income. It’s hard for me to keep up with personal relationships plus the ones I have to keep up with “camming” You haven’t visited me once in my room for months now. It’s nor fair of you to expect so much from me. 

I gesturally told her, in prose, tone and poetic ejaculation over the  digital cloud. 

I understand Mara-Verse. I tried visiting your digital love box to send you a bitcoin tip only see  I was blocked from the platform. I was confused since you previously communicated a desired as you put it, for us to go on a  physical”first date”. Perhaps I misunderstood your position, I apologize for creating the wrong expectations of you, in a digital OS dreamworld.

I had to block your IP section because there was a user who lives there who was harassing me on Blotter-Bate. I added your name to the whitelist exemption list and you should be able to see me now.  

Evolutionary Psychology



With Gusto

Interactions With “Chat Allegro”: Part Two

Visual impasto of the painterly kind is to personality as atoms are to electrons. As a Gonzo beat reporter, deciding to take on Mr.GustoX, the Blacklisted Wolfe’s along with a handful of other digital OS clients this season was no easy task. I wanted to showcase what my Editor in Chief Kendra calls “The Ejaculation of Subject Matter” for a magazine covering cultural pulp, sci-fi, kink, secular culture, technology and political satire in the Twenty First Century. The first thing to remember with regards to the alien lord, A.K.A: Mr.GustoX, is the imperative nature to tinker with what he calls “the simulation crop of a cosmic traveling salesman” Along the cosmic planetary multiverse bubble.  Clashing in ideological planetary culture with  what the alien called those “Prudish Chat Allegro Supporters“. A.K.A: The Irrational Vitriolic Mob

I gather your interactions with Chat Allegro,  where to debate  Boothe’s Secular Rational Morality Vs  Earth’s First Century Dogma, GustoX?

   The Alien’s Rebuttal, 

OASESD protocols regarding the connection between our species is transparently available and enforced with regiment. We are simply here to monitor the simulation  AI crop while ensuring high fidelity among the species environmental frameworks. In sharp contrast, I was willing to take on OASESD anal probe break of protocol punishment. In return to engage such a mammalian conservative apeman, of the Lindsey kind”

Pertaining to Boothe’s secular rational morality view among the species 

The Power To Reason Is The Evolutionary Advance We Share We Boothe. 

“Boothe’s theoretical background for accepting Secular Rational Morality up against first century  fairy tale dogma is quite clear. Biologically transcribed by your evolutionary ancestors when still under caves, nearly 450 thousand years ago was the embedded belief rooted in ancient planetary astrology, interpreted as  conservative political myths. Stories passed on to First Century religious thinkers in the form of cosmic manifestations of some kind. ie: Moses revelations in the old testament, to an array of cosmic visions claimed by “Others” in the mid-east to prophecies in the form of “miracles” in the new testament. These visions while often apocalyptic in nature such as Revelations,  provided a way to understand the fantastical miracle of the unknown in nature, that is until science and technology where able and continues to fill in the gaps. For some.

In Boothe’s, we now know with great certainty the existence behind other planetary advance systems. Heavenly bodies where a combination between evolutionary psychology and technology have taken the form of advance forward thinking amongst the species.  The planetary olympic racehorse within your cosmic solar system. A.K.A “the galactic hood”. Is now an early indication behind the evolution and  biological extinction  of other planetary formations nearby such as Mars. For evidence I point towards the heavens, and the Rover Bot pinged back the desired results in binary  printed logic. 


The goal of evolutionary psychology is to study human behavior as the product of evolved psychological mechanism that depend on internal and environmental input for their development, activation, and expression in manifested behavior in a particular species. When we analyze the belief  duality problem in Mr.Allegro irrational  and conservative thinking is equally  inauthentic  and false when measured against  the scientific model. Both On Boothe’s and The Milky Way planetary system . While faith base thinking is no longer compatible nor willing to accept specific progressive planetary behaviors, within  high fidelity systems. The Malware “lindsey” anal bug will be hard to circumvent in the polls, at least for now. I take it the Southern gentleman of high conservative values will not mind if I roll out my “Real Red Cock Collection” for his enduring visual pleasure . While we allow the Cosmic “Hills” of time to finally lead the way towards rational and progressive forward thinking. 

The Erection Cycle Continues, 


The fundamental argument as a basis for evolutionary psychology dates back to the works of Darwin’s (1859) theory of natural selection” 

GustoX goes on to say the Alien Lord had direct scientific contact with Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Borg, Hawkings including Political leaders, technologist and  gonzo journalist, etc.

In what he called “OASESD approved scientific exchange between the species” In return for sample DNA raw data.

Again, using cosmic Black-holes as navigational intergalactic gateways to circumvent our traditional models of physical perception along the event “gusto” horizon. Using a completely new  model stack between the laws of physics and our understanding of the 4th dimension.  They are able to both appear and disappear using  solar particles of matter when unifying Eisenberg uncertainty principle before us. As per the Alien lord. 

 We showed Darwin that if variant traits could be inherited by offspring from parents, then those variants that aided an organism’s survival and reproduction would be transmitted to  future generations at greater frequencies than alternatives. At the gene level specifically, variants with less beneficial effects such as those that hinder an organism ability to survive or reproduce would not replicate. Due to the fact the organism possessing them would transmit at the DNA and genetic level at lesser copy from the original raw sperm jerk. (Example: Fear of ideas different than your own preconceived notions) 

A major failure found in faith base thinking is the lack of support for Adaptations, By-Products and Noise resulting  in the epic moral acceptance predisposition behind the evolution of evangelical First Century dogma. Amongst the species in Mr.Allegro neck of the woods. I utter these words in somber vocal prose to the upright mammalian fellow from the conservative “GloryHole” region.   (“Froogle it“)

In evolutionary secular forward thinking, Adaptations inherited characteristics that reliably solved problems related to survival and reproduction. Better than competing alternatives during the time period in which they evolved or that we allowed enough tinkering to take place. Contrary, By-Products are cultural artifacts without functional value that persist because they are inherently coupled with adaptations. (Example: fear of anal probes) Noise are variations in a given characteristic that are due to random environmental events or genetic mutations in a conservative lifestyle. (Example: random low base-rate fears such as fear to govern without special interest, etc”) 

Twelve hours post GustoX, I receive a message from Mara-Verse over the “Thor “Network,

She tells me via Thor Shell,

/Come visit me meee

You look amazing Mara, I will plan a trip as soon a humanly possible then. You have the same Thor planetary connection, right? 

/I mean come visit me inside my digital love bot OS, I did a show last night and today. 

Next Steps,

Part Three:

“The Scandal of Chat Allegro”

And a few other tidbits gathered during the “Gala” ceremonial  banquet” as told to me by the Alien Lord. While closely connecting the dots between Mara-Verse & Diana Lin along the Thor  Intergalactic .Onion Channels.



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