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Its time to wake up Dude-box”

Gabby”, the  Artificial intelligence voice program OS installed behind my apartment network firewalls gently reminds me the Sun has risen today. In the year 2052 we are digitally connected between neuronal endoscopic  procedures and artificially operated VR devices. “Should I prepare your first, second and third calls to action metaphors, due later on today Dude-box?” Gabby OS metadata archive is a sequential second to none IO in matters relating to daily workflows and digital “to do” activities, with the occasional voice over kink module. First, I am reminded to graciously accept a physical meeting arranged over Thorr-PGP  with Kendra-Assanges.



He is the Public Onion’s chief political curator, known to us in the Gonzo market as “lovely Jules”. Second, the outdoor preparation of sentiments regime must be  carefully plotted  away while rehearsing once again the following internal voices, “the observational blacklist is real“. Third, as I orchestrate the journey roadmap towards The Public Onion’s beat office, located in New Scuntwick Town I realize the true nature behind these incredible woeful tactics. That is to simply focus on the work ahead as per K.A  heroic influences over the teli’s network.






The  early morning circumference ritual inside the mental roadblock of private perception hung between them an array of tangible possibilities via cryptic messages, within the confides of four  magical  studio rooms. Onto the master bedroom where a giant life size poster of the late Hunter S Thomson embracing Ralph Steadman is erected before me, summoning late 20th Century nostalgia into these fiery  gonzo pupils. Hunter fires up the  analog typewriter to forecast his allegorical influences, up against me.

Fear & Loathing In 2052

Fear & Loathing In 2052

” Dude-box, you are a Gonzo beat reporter/visual satirist working for one of the most important publications in the Milky Way  planetary system. Furthermore, Kendra-Assanges awaits your transparency  analysis report  on all things: GustoX, Blacklisted Wolves, The Artificial intelligence simulation crop, Allegro V Astley and the fallout from the Nirian War. The conflict is currently under a moderate cease agreement arrange between  Lord Tutin and the GustoX administration. ”

The Nirian War is a proxy rivalry between the OASESD GustoX administration and the inner’s working of Conservative John artificial intelligence “lower end crop”  simulation support.




On The Road: The LandScape Of The Public Onion,

The Public Onion is a digital curatorial publication covering an array of socially motivated subjects. As a matter of fact, the roadmap towards New Scuntwick Town was paved with allegorical morning rituals, observational “blacklisted” agents and the all enduring “morning whispers” along the way. After twenty seven weeks of  gonzo beat recognizance using “investigative social engineering”  probing tools, educated to us by K.A. I was ready for a valuable qualitative assurance feedback critique.

Among the Onion’s esoteric taxonomies curated by a panel of investigative gonzo journalist, is the erection cycle of 2052 between Chat Allegro and Rick Astley. Including  Allegro’s Glory-Hole blue-collar war tactics against Rick Astley, in unison with the health revelations behind  the alleged  “she-male report”. Arriving 1,100 ($) seconds ahead of the first intergalactic transient bus system, Dude-box embarks towards Kendra-Assangses. Standing on the corner of democracy and freedom fries, my internal dialog is interrupted by several lo-fi interactive holographic ads for the Allegro  “Self Grandiosity ” campaign. According to Diana Lin.

 Hologram Ad:

 “I am Chat Allegro and I Approved This  Holographic Message”:

Allegro Is A Political AI Hologram

Allegro Is A Political AI Hologram

” Rick Astley, A.K.A: Tillary $wank Neoliberal campaign against our Southern hateful rhetoric has gone to far. Crooked Tillary wants to unify the lower end  economic mammals, at least that’s  her hope!. Our goal is to divide and conquer. The Anglo way!. A vote for Allegro is one for deportation, exploitation, division and unification of the Anglo and hateful conservative ways. We will build the galactic vaginal wall across the southern border. Believe Me!”  

The Chat Allegro campaign was being fueled by a Southern “hard-cock” political figure known to us in the fiction business as Conservative John. A.K.A: Mindsey Grams. By way grassroots support from the “Southern Frames” political party coalition. Acting as public liaison between the lower mammalian population and 1% intergalactic OASESD operators lay the  ground work behind Diana Lin’s erotic  yet effective conservative tease program.

The Public Onion beat office  was located on the second floor of an old Victorian construction building with architecturally sound WWII, 20th Century foundations. Upon arrival the visitor is confronted with a front entrance covered in  aluminum metal steel gates without a visible entrance upstairs. Arriving 55 nan0-seconds ahead of the arrival destination indicated by K.-A over Kik-PGP, Mara-Verse interrupts my personal bubble chatter to simply say:

“Dude-box, as per Kendra-A:  Due to the high volume of public eyes on your external Gonzo activities, the entry into our offices is being proxied via Religious Sex. Located next door to us, in the public IP market.”

“As above so below” recanted the young  “trans“millennial guarding the entrance into Religious Sex. The kinky esoteric establishment engaged in distributing alternative objects of  sexual desires. While embracing the transgender whistle blower community responsible for delivering “truthful crimes”  via monumental public onion “hacks” against lower end mammals, inflicted by intergalactic 1% alien policies. Recanted the youthful transexual tour guide while  endoscopically verifying my VR credentials.  Navigating towards the back of the store up to the Onion, I am confronted by a Rick Astley hologram campaign Ad. Located next to the ladies bathroom, between  vaginal lubricants and Dick’s Sporting goods.

The Tillary Hologram Ad:

Am Rick Astley And I Approve This Message:

Rick Astley VP in 2052 with the support of Tillary $Wank

Rick Astley VP in 2052 with the support of Tillary $Wank

” Southern Belt Conservative man, Chat Allegro wants to put a federal ban on your  right to own Dildos. Along with his deportation ban on hard working  brown mammals,  transgender folks,  political satirist and non-Anglo citizens.  Allegro wants you out!. A vote for Tillary $Wank is a vote to preserve our moral rights to be different in 2052. Allegro is clearly unfit to run the Milky Way planetary system.”

Am With Astley

Am With Astley

With the intention to analyze, probe, critique and further elaborate the  1% intergalactic status quo. I  sensually arrive to meet Kendra-A, in the flesh.


“Dude-box. At the time of this meeting, The Public Onion has curated 2,325,661 diplomatic cables and other OASESD planetary department records, comprising some two billions words. This stupendous and seemingly insurmountable body of internal planetary galactic significance would amount to some 30,000  VR volumes. While the structured attempt at managing an extended cultural and economic system using communications is the hallmark of  planetary empires. And it is the records of these communications, never intended to be dissected, and so especially vulnerable to dissection, that form the basis for understanding the nature behind OASESD, planetary tactics. 

Furthermore, I will hope you will allow me the pleasure to inject the Public Onion’s editorial direction. As I see fit with regards to our current mission statements”.

Additionally our communication  protocols hitherto had been over Kik-PGP, I wanted to make sure he was in fact, “lovely Jules“. Kendra-A, do you recall our first interview some decades ago, along the transient silk road var logs cafe. Would you kindly remind me the story I shared with you during this time. I believe the allegory was entitled: “a neighbors tale” as a way of  authentication and quality assurance controls.


Yes! how can i forget your kinky next door rabbits Dude-box.

Cindy Pilbow slid her lovely push up bra over her head, hung it on a dressing room hook made of rich mahogany maplewood while studying  herself in the bathroom mirror. In her exercise outfit, a body-length undergarment leotard that she wore underneath her yoga clothes sensually disappears. Revealing a heavenly body which looked the same at thirty four as when she was 19, in 2032.

On a pale evening, her husband Ted utters between her ears while fixing his hard drive mount up against his neuronal PC.  I’m going to open the garage door when I arrive from work, and you’ll be standing there in that outfit.  And Oh dear, those rabbits better be asleep upstatairs with their ear belts buckled.” 


“Two step analog conversational verification has been confirmed Dude-box“. Relying on “Gabby OS” internal  VR metadata query implanted into my nervous system and reflected on a smooth microscopic fabric made of Romanian silk.  I am able to verify he is indeed,  “lovely Jules”.

Gabby OS VR Platform in 2052

Gabby OS VR Platform in 2052

Editorial Direction: Interconnected Allegories With Prose, Southern Kink And Tempo

  • Black-Listed Wolves
  • The Multiverse Papers
  • Allegro V Astley
  • Glory-Holes
  • The Nirian “Proxy” War

After conducting two private meetings with Mr.GustoX  and others in his administration including maneuvering the  public presentation of our  G-69 talks, there is more needed probing ahead. According to the alien lord, he is a traveling  “AIS” technician working for a planetary NGO called “OASESD” or  “observational advance species environmental simulation department”. The Artificial Intelligence Simulation crop is the intergalactic technical tool used by  these 1%  alien lords to socially mind control lower end species. The  primary role of OASESD is to maintain a smooth balance within the artificial intelligence simulation crop in the Milky Way galactic system. It seems there are two competing  AI versions with equally unintended consequences for the working mammalian class, in 2052. The alien lord explains the technology using the following allegorical manuscript with familiar undertones, in  fictional time and space.

AI Simulation Tech-From Bootes with Love

AI Simulation Tech-From Bootes with Love

“These pesky lower end working mammals insist on continuance as  real middle class beings, although the concept has been eradicated for centuries. Thus Bootes AI simulation crop technicians are dispatched to create an image of the whole planetary universe for them. Developing a cyberspace in a cube in able to allow the mammals the ability to move, consume, digest and work  about their business in this simulation universe. Our artificial simulation intelligence cyber cube has been designed to reflect the incredible complexities of a working planet.  Exponentially multiplying Moore’s Law into a sequential intelligence gathering system devised into artificial particles  of matter. Currently, the planetary global economy has been modified to favor 1% alien actors. Expectations have risen faster than the speed of light in nearby trading systems, likely to lead to mammalian  currency conflict, without support from Bootes. You might see us as a rare form of  planetary simulation super power.”


We are preparing numerous planetary cables on OASESD with regards to their private  intergalactic activities. Our investigative  gonzo bots are sorting through several data dump cables with ease and precision for an upcoming public view. On the Bootes planetary system, GustoX and  Conservative John are artificial intelligence  rivals, in matters pertaining to implementing a stable simulation AI crop, from Bootes into our local  planetary system group. Not to mention the GustoX Ghetto Beef simulation party aims to support and influence secretary Astley and her alter ego, Tillary $Wank. Conservative John is GustoX counterpart and is advising the Allegro political mammals under the hateful Southern Frames anglo movement campaign.

The study behind advance intergalactic empires has long been the study of their communications. Carved into stone or inked into parchment, empires from Babylon to the Ming dynasty left records of the organizational center communicating with  earthling peripheries. However, by the early part of the twenty first Century students of historical empires realized that somehow the communications medium was the empire. It’s methods for organizing the inscription, transportation, indexing and storage of it’s communications and for designating who was authorized to read and write them, in a real sense constituted the simulation empire.”

Revelations I: With Gusto

Arranging cryptic public meetings with GustoX has proven to be a challenging proposition, even for us in the gonzo business. During our last meeting the alien lord discussed “plotting an agreement with Lord Tutin on ending the Nirian War protocol on what he called gaps of trust in the background.” I would describe these meetings with GustoX as “candid” and “blunt”  focusing mainly on OASESD role among other things to influence the erection cycle between Rick Astley and Chat Allegro.


“The transparency report needs to be orchestrated to exhibit how does Mr.GustoX and Conservative John plan on influencing the erection candidates, on our neck of the galaxy. Chat Allegro has gained public support of the lower-end anglo mammals. Mostly displaced by economic disparity due to faulty economic practices across both simulation AI models ( Southern Frames & Ghetto Beef) .  While on the other side, coupled with Rick Astley efforts between his public and private persona where the line between she and he are reportedly blurred.”

The Transparency Report I: Prelude, Curation and Intermission


2,013.16  seconds before meeting Kendra-A, I manage to arrange a VR face time with Mr.GustoX for a private chat about OASESD. Our setting is the spacious Oval Womb office space where the alien lord conducts planetary business, for the good of his legacy. “Back in the Bootes galactic system, he is the most transformative AI  lord there is to know“. According to  Conservative John’s private cables to the Allegro campaign.

“Dude-box, the Observational Advance Species Environmental Simulation Department is a galactic planetary enterprise. Comprise of advance 1% mammalian  alien species with the ability to travel vast intergalactic distances while manipulating the artificial intelligence simulation model. Comparatively influencing social, geo-political, behavioral, economic and planetary interactions for those mammals  outside the bubble  1% game. OASESD dispatches several planetary ambassadors with usually close ties to the host planet they are to artificially influence, over time. As below so above us, intergalactic  optical radios and satellite bots are deployed to intercept,  massage and persuade the court of public opinion in OASESD favor, using microscopic probing technology. Furthermore, OASESD Ghetto Beef Simulation party believes my rightful successor should be  Rick Astley. We want you to use your investigative prowess to scope into Allegro’s glory-hole tactics controversy, with our informative direction of course. In return, we will pardon K-A, Chelsea lovely, and Snow-White for their “crimes” against exposing our probing tactics to lower end mammals, across the galaxy.”  


Mr.GustoX, former secretary VP Astley has been  woefully characterized as a  21st Century “Ne0liberal” comrade. Including maintaining a discrete  and focused based campaign riddle with private firewalls. Between the public and what he called during a recent holographic VR interview as the liberation of  “her alter ego, Tillary $Wank”. Not to mention Tillary’s ongoing beef with the Public’s Onion over alleged classified material revealing  “health revelations” pertaining to her gender and sexuality. Sources indicate she might be a he, or vice versa. While Allegro unfit regime has proven to be a catalyst for supporting Astley, I will agree that secretary $Wank is the more prepared candidate in 2052. We are aggressively leaning towards supporting Astley.

Am With Astley

Am With Astley

Rick Astley VP in 2052 with the support of Tillary $Wank

Rick Astley VP in 2052 with the support of Tillary $Wank


“We are presenting a golden opportunity for the Public Onion Dude-box, with yielding returns for your disenfranchised  political views. During their internal communications OASESD officials must match their crops to the latest AI orthodoxies should they wish to stand out in Bootes for the right reasons and not the wrong ones. These elements of political correctness are themselves noteworthy and invisible to lower end species, on your planet.  Mammals who are not sufficiently indoctrinated in matters of evolutionary psychology, as Conservative John and I are. As the allegorical 1% bubble womb continues to unfold, you will come to conclude the only viable choice left to influence is one for Rick Astley.  For the good of all species on your neck of the galaxy. It’s time  to wake up and allow the Rick Astley simulation AI crop to unfold. To those disenfranchise mammalian  millennials wishing to cast a protest vote against Secretary Astley. Consider four light years under the hateful regime behind Chatt Allegro’s AI model, maintained by Conservative John.” 

Hitherto, the alien lord has never requested nor intended to imply I should investigate certain  political actors in one specific direction. The totality of his rhetoric suggested a private web of back deals pointing to the successful appointment of secretary Astley over Allegro whom the alien lord called,  “a virtual ticking time bomb” With regards to Allegro’s tone, preparedness and candor as a planetary leader.

After all it was Mara-Verse who sensually suggested “be careful what you say, and who you say it to,” prompting me to ponder the relationship between Mr.GustoX, and Conversative John as intergalactic simulation rivals. The goal back at the Onion’s headquarters was to sell Mr.GustoX proposal to Kendra Assenges in an effort to promote bilateral allegories for OASESD. With transparency, prose, curation and gusto.

The Transparency Report II: Glory-Hole Revelation Tactics


The interior aesthetic decor inside the office was a subversive black and white  minimal look, exposing the nature behind Kendra-A interactive personality. With a calm and sincere tone of voice I gently explain our position to our team, hoping to enlist within him a sense of editorial direction. On a rectangular  Neo-classical  oval wooden table made of rich mahogany maplewood with hand made ornamental angels carved into the wood. We debated our  gonzo tactics in sequential  animated lo-fi frames like invisible neutrinos. The discussion at hand is the earthling mammalian connection with regards to  the Allegro V Astley erection cycle. While the two intergalactic AI simulation technicians  from Bootes ( Conservative John & Mr.GustoX ) interactively participated in the vacum of space and time.

Diana Lin "Conservative Tease Act of 2052"

Diana Lin “Conservative Tease Act of 2052”

Revelations II: Glory Hole Memos

The Glory-Hole  AI simulation campaign act was initiated by the alien lord from Bootes, Conservative John under the A.K.A of: “The Mindsey Movement“. The artificial intelligence crop version of the application framework is designed under OASESD “Southern Frames party”, advising the Allegro 2052 mammalian campaign, on our neck of the galaxy. The Glory-Holes  digital dump cables  where provided to the Public Onion via the usual “anonymous” KIK-PGP network protocols via Thorr. Revealing hundreds of interactive VR communications,  AI emails and holographic private meetings with foreign planetary leaders, including  the mammalian lord Tutin. The tactical information gathering behind these cables is to create a consensus report enlisting the aid of Diana Lin to act as a liaison for  Chatt Allegro’s  double sided message of “hate Tillary while enlisting the vote  of the hateful  blue-collar  Anglo worker”. Allegro’s message behind “building a vaginal wall to prevent Southern crimes” is a disgusting yet effective scapegoat to enlist anger and fear, into an otherwise forgotten mammalian workforce left behind by advances in Neoliberal planetary policies.

The Glory-Holes  private cables contain within them several taxonomies with specific layers of political simulation attention in the following areas. With the leadership of Conservative John, the following initiatives where created to aid Allegro’s AI message:

  Chatt Allegro Talking Points Memo:

  • How to modify the Earthlings connection to organize lies, unfit  political regime, gentrification real-estate tactics , misguided casino policies with erratic narcissistic sexual behaviors.


  • Diana Lin’s Conservative Tease: The Anglo blue-collar Campaign.
  • Rage and Lies against Tillary $Wank: By All Means.
  • Enlisting The Aid of  Lord Tutin: The She-Male Hacks

Next Steps

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