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The Brain In A Vat

{ Philosophy & Sci-Fi Thesis } The Brain In A Vat is an essay discussing the relationship between philosophical ideas of past history and contemporary SCI-Fi films. Postulating and referencing ideas from Ben Dupre’s seminal book “50 Philosophy Ideas” you really need to know. Ideas such as the brain in a vat have proved so thought-provoking and suggestive; that they have led to numerous popular incarnations. One of the most successful was the 1999 movie The Matrix

Op Ed Monthly |Hyperbole

{Op Ed Monthly} In December, a pithy article retrospective converging on art, design, technology and culture protocol are exhibited for your reading pleasure, laughter or confusion. Depending on what side of the spectrum your thinking pattern may originate. These articles represent a hybrid collection of ideas, brainstorming thoughts and exercises in visual thinking. Published online using a magazine style format no different than ArtForum print magazine. The public is always invited to share, read, comment and subscribe to the magazine by following us.